Hunting Clothing


I ALWAYS make sure my gaiters are in the SUV. When I'm walking through Florida scrub at night (diamondbacks, don't you know) I want the peace of mind those gaiters provide. When these wear out, you can bet I'll be back for another pair.
Reid Tillery,
Author, Surviving the Wilds of Florida

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Hunting Clothing Made to Stop Snake Bites

Most hunting clothes designed to prevent snake bites are rigid, bulky, and uncomfortable. Constructed from a patented, lightweight fabric, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor hunting pants, hunting chaps, and hunting gaiters are one-third the weight of other protective hunting clothes, yet they have been lab and field tested to stop the strikes of large rattlesnakes!

Patented Protective Fabric

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor's patented fabric is made with lightweight ballistic fibers that resist puncture, cuts, and scraping. The material's weave is so compact that rattlesnake fangs, cactus, briar and thorns cannot penetrate it. SnakeArmor hunting clothing is extremely protective as well as lightweight and flexible.